# API Reference

All generated APIs relate to the core vert.x APIs, so for better understanding one should read the vert.x manuals (opens new window) and adapt the manual imports/examples as explained in vert.x interop.

# Vertx

The Vert.x core APIs contain the backbone for writing Vert.x applications and low-level support for HTTP, TCP, UDP, file system, asynchronous streams and many other building blocks. It is also used by many other components of Vert.x.

# Web

A tool-kit for writing sophisticated modern web applications and HTTP microservices.

# Authentication / Authorization

Modules to perform authentication and/or authorization.

# Data Access

Modules for accessing data.

# Monitoring

Modules to work with monitoring tools.

# Microservices

Microservice related modules.

# EventBus Bridges

EventBus bridge modules.

# Other

Other uncategorized modules.

# Reactiverse