ES for Eclipse Vert.x

A Modern JavaScript runtime for Eclipse Vert.x

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Simplicity First

Minimal setup with npm-centered project structure helps you focus on your code.


Enjoy scalability and performance experience of Vert.x, use Reactive Vert.x components in JavaScript, and develop with JavaScript or TypeScript.


ES4X runs on top of GraalVM offering a great performance for JavaScript applications on par or better than Java.

# As Easy as 1, 2, 3

# install
yarn global add es4x-pm # OR npm install -g es4x-pm

# create a project file
es4x init

# create a hello world
cat << EOF
  .requestHandler(req => req.response().end('Hello ES4X world!'))
EOF > index.js

# install dependencies (npm and maven)
yarn # OR npm install

# run it
yarn start # OR npm start


ES4X requires GraalVM or Java >= 8.