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Fast, unopinionated,
minimalist JavaScript runtime for Vert.x

npx es4x-cli init

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ES4X provides a thin layer of JavaScript, without obscuring Vert.x features that you know and love.


Familiar API

/// <reference types="@vertx/core/runtime" />
// @ts-check
import { Router } from '@vertx/web';

const app = Router.router(vertx);

app.route().handler(function (ctx) {
  ctx.response().end('Hello from ES4X Vert.x Web!');


Familiar API for Vert.x developers and type safety provided by TypeScript definitions on all known APIs.

DevOps friendly

$ npm run package -- -d

Running: mvnw ... 
Running: docker ... 
Run your application with:

  docker run --rm -it --net=host my-project:1.0.0

Deploy your applications as a runnable jar or as a Docker container.