Using vertx-client for AWS SDK v2

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Reactive AWS SDK v2

This project provides a VertxNioAsyncHttpClient and a VertxExecutor so that you can use AWS SDK v2 (async, non-blocking) in a Vert.x application.


The Javadoc.


Using maven:


Using Gradle:



Given context is a Vert.x Context object (either obtained by vertx.getOrCreateContext() or from a AbstractVerticle.init method), you can use VertxSdkClient::withVertx utility method to create a client:

DynamoDbAsyncClient dynamo = VertxSdkClient.withVertx( // use the provided utility method
    DynamoDbAsyncClient.builder() // with the traditional AwsAsyncClientBuilder you're used to
        .region(Region.EU_WEST_1) // that you'll confiugure as usual
    , context) // and provide a Vert.x context (the one from within your Verticle for example)
    .build(); // then build it => you'll have a Vert.x compatible AwsAsyncClient

Under the hood, it’s gonna do the following:

return builder
        .httpClient(new VertxNioAsyncHttpClient(context)) // uses Vert.x's HttpClient to make call to AWS services
        .asyncConfiguration(conf -> // tells AWS to execute response callbacks in a Vert.x context
                conf.advancedOption(SdkAdvancedAsyncClientOption.FUTURE_COMPLETION_EXECUTOR, new VertxExecutor(context))

You can then use your DynamoDbAsyncClient as you’re used to with AWS SDK. You can have a look at integration tests to get many examples.