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Hello World

/// <reference types="@vertx/core/runtime" />
// @ts-check
import { Router } from '@vertx/web';

const app = Router.router(vertx);

app.route('/').handler(function (ctx) {
  ctx.response().end('Hello from Vert.x Web!');


This app starts a server and listens on port 8080 for connections. The app responds with “Hello from Vert.x Web!” for requests to the root URL (/) or route. For every other path, it will respond with a 404 Not Found.

Running locally

First create a directory named myapp, change to it and run npm init. Then install es4x as per the installation guide.

In the myapp directory, create a file named app.js and copy in the code from the example above.

Run the app with the following command:

npm start

Then, load http://localhost:8080/ in a browser to see the output.