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Chrome Inspector

When working on GraalVM or a JDK with the graalvm (JVMCI) bits, start your application as:

npm start -- -i

This will start a Chrome inspector debugger agent on port 9229 that you can attach for a remote debug session from your Browser.

Chrome devtools listening at port: 9229
Running: java ... 
Debugger listening on port 9229.
To start debugging, open the following URL in Chrome:
Server listening at: http://localhost:8080/


You will be able to set breakpoints, debug etc...

Debug from VSCode

The usage of Chrome devtools is not a hard requirement. You can also debug the application using Visual Studio Code. Create a runner configuration as:

  "type": "node",
  "request": "attach",
  "name": "es4x app",
  "port": "9229",
  "localRoot": "/",
  "remoteRoot": "/"

And attach your debugger.


Debug Nashorn code

Nashorn is now a deprecated technology and a fallback when there's no graaljs available. It is still possible to debug in this scenario, but it will require the usage of java tools. Currently this has only been tested on IntelliJ IDEA.

To debug your application start it as:

npm start -- -d

And use the standard java debugger to attach and debug the code.